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Welcome to the Naked Brewers (de naeckte brouwers)

Are we "exposing" ourselves?   No, at least not literally.  We are actually "naked" in the sense of purity and honesty.  Our beers are well balanced as we are using pure and natural ingredients; modest and yet refined. The secret is our passion and love in the craft and ultimately the ratio and balance of the ingredients, where less is more.  On top of that, also our dedication and patience, on how each type of beer is brewed.

We use no additives.  We brew our beers only with water, barely malt, wheat malt, rye malt, oats, hops (candy) sugar and yeast. All our beers are unfiltered and not pasturized to keep maximum tast, top fermented with a secondary fermentation in bottles or kegs. Store our bottles upright and drink at a temperture of aproximately 10 degrees Celsius.

Since 2013 we have our own brewery in Amstelveen and since the end of November 2017 a tasting room in the former Annakerk on the Amsterdamseweg 22 in Amstelveen

Enjoy to the upmost, but drink in moderation ...

Who are the Naked Brewers (de naeckte brouwers)?

They are friends who share their interests and passion, and who are true Burgundians.

Michel Lagrand

Michel is interested in everything that has to do with food and drinks and is always a critical taster. "It is always a challenge to give every beer its own character, where you always search for a difference in balance between the sweetness and the bitterness."

Jan Albert (Ab) van der Veen
As a designer, Ab applies his creativity skills in not only the research and development (R&D) of the beers, but also for the constant adjustment and improvement to the brewing equipment. "Sometimes you have to think out of the box in order to come to a surprising result."

Together we complement and keep each other in balance in producing high quality handcrafted beers.

Together we complement and keep each other in balance in producing high quality handcrafted beers.

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The new brewery is coming alife more and more

We are busy completing ANNA with a second brewery of the Naeckte Brouwers. The construction of the brewing floor is finished, finished and fitted with gutters and tiles. The 8 lager tanks in where our beer will ferment are installed.

Now we are ready to receive the brewhouse itself in which we will brew the beer. It has suffered some delays, but should be placed at the end of September. Then we will have to connect and test everything to be able to brew in the course of October.

The tasting room is already open and from there you already have a beautiful view of the construction of the brewery and the shiny kettles. So there’s sufficient reason to come to our tasting room and enjoy the view at the brewery while enjoying one of our beers.

We hope to see you soon…

Opening hours

ANNA is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 till 23:00 and Sunday from 11:00 till 20:00 hour.



On the website of ANNA or the Facebook page you can find more information about our agenda, adjusted opening times and events.

Address: Amsterdamseweg 22, Amstelveen

Our Tasting Room ANNA is open!

End of November 2017, we opened our own tasting room ANNA in the former Annakerk at Amsterdamseweg 22 in Amstelveen. Here you can taste our regular beers and some beers brewed exclusively for the tasting room, accompanied with a simple bite. In addition, at ANNA there is plenty of room for creative and entertaining initiatives such as the pop stage, theater, art exhibitions, talk show, language café, workshops, etc.

Every Sunday afternoon we organise “acoustic live” where a (local) artist or singer-/songwriter will perform live on our small stage.

It is our goal to also brew the Naeckte beers in the church from October 2018. From then you will have a nice view at the brewery and fermentation tanks from the tasting room.