Welcome to Beer Tasting

Currently, we do not provide walk-in beer tasting service as we do not have a dedicated place for that at our brewery.  You are always welcome to make an appointment for a wonderful beer tasting experience with us.  With the experience, you will have a guided tour in the brewery, with detailed explanation about the whole cycle of our brewing process.  After that, you will be served with explanation to each taste of our beers.  Reservation can be made for groups, with a minimum of 4 people per group.

Price: €15 - p.p.
Taste of 7 different kind of de Naeckte Brouwers’ beers in 7cl glass,
complemented with cheese and sausages.
Duration: about 1.5 - 2 hours


If you are interested in a beer tasting at our brewery, please send us an email to info@naecktebrouwers.nl with the desired date and time you would like to come and with the number of people participating. We will respond to you with a confirmation soonest as possible.

Beer Tasting on other locations

We regularly participates in beer festivals, beer tastings and other promotional activities. Belowmentioned are the upcoming events which we will be in presence:


Grote Kerk   Koorstraat 2   Alkmaar

Sunday June 4th 2017   13:00 - 19:00 hour



Maasstraat 70   Amsterdam

Saturday July 1st 2007

starting 13:00 hour


In front of ‘De Gouden Ton’ Wineshop

Stationsstraat  Amstelveen

Sunday September 10th 2017

Starting 13:00 hour


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